Cách dùng In on at cần biết để tránh dùng nhầm


In – on – at là bộ ba giới từ quan trọng hay nhầm lẫn trong ngữ pháp tiếng Anh. Bạn đã nắm rõ cách dùng những giới từ này chưa?

Cùng bắt đầu bài học dưới đây nhé.

Cách dùng In on at chỉ thời gian

Cho ví dụ sau đây:

– They arrived at 5 pm.

– They arrived on Sunday.

– They arrived in July.

– They arrived in 2020.

Dựa vào các ví dụ này, chúng ta có thể có cách sử dụng cơ bản nhất của in, on, at như sau.

At: dùng để chỉ thời gian cụ thể trong ngày

at 6 o’clock at 10.15 am at midnight at lunchtime at sunset …..

On: dùng cho thứ và ngày trong tháng

on Friday/ on Fridays on 17th 2019 on New year’s Day on my birthday …..

In: dùng cho tháng, năm, thập kỷ, thế kỷ, mùa,… (những khoảng thời gian lớn và dài)

In July in 2020 in the 1990s in the 21st century in the past

in winter in spring …….

Những trường hợp đặc biệt

– at the moment/ at the minute/ at present/ at this time (= now)

Would you like to see a movie?- I’m busy at the moment.

– at the same time

Kate and Marie arrived at the same time.

– at the weekends/ at weekends ( hoặc on the weekend/ on weekends trong tiếng anh Mỹ).

What do you want to go at the weekends?

– at Christmas ( nhưng p=on Christmas Day)

Do you receive the present at Christmas?

Do you receive the presents on Christmas Day?

– at night ( buổi tối nói chung)- in the night ( nói một thời điểm cụ thể trong buổi tối)

I won’t not work at night if it isn’t serious case.

I was woken up by a noise in the night.

in the morning(s) on Friday, Saturday,….morning(s)

in the afternoon(s) on Sunday, Monday, Friday… afternoons

in the evening(s) on Monday, Sunday, Friday …. evening(s)

Lưu ý:

– Chúng ta không sử dụng in, on, at trước các từ last/ next/ this/ every

I’ll get married next Friday.

They saw you last June

– Chúng ta thường nói việc gì đó xảy ra “ in a few minutes”/ “in six months”,…..

The train will be leaving in a few minutes (= a few minutes from now)

They’ll be here in a moment (= a moment from now, very soon)

– Chúng ta dùng “in” để nói việc gì đó mất bao lâu để làm

I learnt to drive in four weeks

Practice. Put in at, in, on

1. Aurora’s birthday is …………. May, but I don’t know which date.

2. She hasn’t seen Kate for a few days. She said that she had last seen her ………. Tuesday.

3. Steve is 65. He’ll be retiring from his job ………….. two years.

4. Same isn’t here…….. the moment, but he’ll be there this afternoon.

5. I don’t like dark. I try to avoid going out ………. night

6. It rained very hard …… the night. Did you hear it?

7. My car is being repaired at the garage. It will be ready ……… two hours.

8. The bus station was busy. A lot of buses were leaving……….. the same time.

9. Helen and David always go out for dinner …… their wedding anniversary.

10. The book was short and easy to read. I read it ………. a day.

Answer key: 1. in 2. on 3. in 4. at 5. at 6. in 7. in 8. at 9. on 10. in

2. In on at Chỉ nơi chốn


– Chỉ các địa điểm chung chung có khoảng không lớn như vũ trụ, quốc gia, thành phố, thị trấn, tòa nhà, khu vườn,….

– Chỉ nơi chốn một người đang ở nơi nào đó.

– Chỉ phương hướng – in the room/ in the garden/ in the mountains/ – in the sea/ in the building,…

Ví dụ:

There were some people who lives in a small village.

in the box/ in this office/ in prison/ ….

She’s in this office now.

in the South/ East/ North/ West/ in the Northern/ Western/….


– Trên bề mặt của cái gì đó

– Trước tên đường – on the wall/ on the door/ on the floor/ on the ceiling/ on the table/ on a page/ on an island/….

Ví dụ:

I sat on the floor and play card.

The hotel is on small island in the middle of a lake.

on High Street/ on Hills Street/ on Nguyen Trai Street/… .

The supermarket is on Hills Street, opposite to the cinema.


Một địa điểm cụ thể: at 63 Hills Road Street, at 521 Nguyen Trai Street…

– Địa chỉ nhà cụ thể: at the office/ at school/ at the airport/ at restaurant/ at the shop/ at the bus stop/ at the door/ at the roundabout/ at her desk/…

– Tại những bữa tiệc, sự kiện at a party/ at a concert/ at a conference/…..

We have to get off the bus at the next stop.

Who is that man standing at the door?

Practice. Complete the sentences with in, at, on

1. There was a long queue of people ……………..the bus stop.

2. Nicola was wearing a silver ring …………… her little finger.

3. There was a security guard standing ………………… the entrance to the building.

4. I wasn’t sure whether I had come to the right office.There was no name………… the door.

5. There are plenty of shops and restaurants………… the town centre.

6. You’ll find the weather forecast ……………. the back page of the newspaper.

7. The headquarters of the company are………….. California.

8. I wouldn’t like an office job. I couldn’t spend the whole day sitting ……………a desk.

9. The man the police are looking for has a scar…………. his right cheek.

10. Have you ever been camping? Have you ever slept …………..a tent?

Answer key: 1. at 2. on 3. at 4. on 5. in 6. on 7.in 8.at 9.on 10. in

Các bạn nhớ cách sử dụng đúng nha.

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