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Nowadays it is not only large companies that can make films. Digital technology enables anyone to produce films. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?
Unlike the past when films are exclusive to large studios, the advent of powerful devices and software enables many individuals to become filmmakers. In my perspective, I believe this is a beneficial development which I will justify in the following paragraphs.
In the first place, some people hold a belief that movies are exorbitant to make, hence only huge companies can afford to create them. It might be true that studios like Hollywood can produce stunning visuals and special effects in its blockbusters. However, amateur filmmakers can be successful with their low-budget but exciting content, thanks to the fact that video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Facebook are ubiquitous in today’s society. For example, in my country, the group called “1977 Vlog” became an overnight sensation after publishing short comedy videos on YouTube and receiving tremendous supports from netizens. Thus, the rise in popularity of non-professionals in cinematography helps create a competitive environment between them and the large studios, where both sides must compete for audience’s attention.
Additionally, the ease of access to film-making technology also makes the industry more diverse. This is because movies created by large companies might be influenced by several factors, such as politics or social customs. Take countries like Vietnam or China as a prime example, where censorship of information or cultural values can act as a deterrent for directors and screenwriters, who are required to adjust their creativity. On the other hand, amateurs are able to freely express their intention or utilize any settings in their works, which can be published in a platform outside the sphere of influence of their institution. This means there will be a wider range of content for audiences.
To sum up, my firm conviction is that the film industry can reap benefits from the widespread of amateur filmmakers, due to the advent of digital technology.
(302 words – 43 minutes)

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exorbitant: đắt đỏ
cinematography: điện ảnh
film industry: ngành công nghiệp phim
setting: bối cảnh
non-professional: người không chuyên
reap benefits from sth…: gặt hái lợi ích từ cái gì
act as a deterrent: đóng vai trò như 1 rào cản đối với….
sphere of influence: tầm ảnh hưởng
institution: thể chế

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