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Hôm nay ad cùng các bạn học thêm một số cụm từ hữu ích theo topic party nha. Topic này sẽ là những biến số cho bài thi IELTS của bạn đó.

9 Phrasal verbs topic Party

Party animal:

  • Someone who really enjoys parties and goes to as many as possible.
    → Người thích tiệc tùng
  • Ex: “Did you see Jimmy at the party last night?” – “Of course. He’s a real party animal. At one point, I saw him drinking wine out of a vase in the pool.”

Social butterfly:

  • Someone who enjoys frequently mingling/chatting with a variety of different people at social events.
    → Một người dễ hòa nhập trong các buổi tiệc, sự kiện, hòa mình vào đám đông; giao thiệp rộng
  • Ex: Jessie is such a social butterfly. I feel like every time we go to a party she spends the whole time talking to people she’s never met.

Throw a party:

  • To have a party.
    → Tổ chức một bữa tiệc
  • Ex: I’m throwing a party next weekend at my place. Can you make it?

Party pooper:

  • Someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment by disapproving or not taking part in a particular activity.
    → Người có thái độ mệt mỏi, cau có , khiến cho những người đến dự tiệc cũng mất cả vui.
  • Ex: She is such a party pooper. She just complained about the subway all night and then fell asleep on the couch.

A: Did you see Jerry at the party last night?

B: He was hard to miss. He’s a real party animal. At one point, I saw him drinking wine out of a vase in the pool.

Dress up:

  • To wear more formal clothes than you usually wear.
    → Diện đồ đẹp lên hơn thường ngày
  • Ex: I hate dressing up for parties

To crash a party:

  • Attending a party uninvited or after asking for an invite.
    → Đến dự tiệc mà không được mời
  • Ex: “Did you guys see Tom at the wedding? I thought he wasn’t invited” – “Yea, I think he crashed it…”

Bottoms up:

  • A call to finish one’s drink.
    → Cạn ly!
  • Ex: Here’s to the bride-to-be. Bottoms up!

Drink like a fish:

  • drink heavily, especially alcohol.
    → Uống rượu như hũ chìm
  • Ex: Marry drinks like a fish. I think she’s already finished two bottles of wine.

In Full Swing:

  • At the highest level of activity
    → Hoạt động ở mức độ cao nhất
  • Ex: The party was in full swing by the time I arrived. The place was packed.

Trên đây là nguồn cụm động từ hữu ích theo topic Party, các bạn cùng tham khảo nhé!

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