Những Pharasal verbs liên quan đến Movies hay


Mình cùng học một số cụm từ hay liên quan đến chủ đề Movies để áp dụng trong bài thi nhé.


Premiere – the first showing of a film before it’s available for people to see ( Ra mắt )
Example: I wish I were invited to the new action movies premiere

To book the seats /tickets : Đặt vé

To give thumbs up – Cho 1 like ạ

To pan something – chê phim nặng nề

Cast – Những diễn viên trong phim
Example: Kelvin wants to go to the premiere to see all the casts.

To take your seats – lấy chổ ngồi (hàng ghế, số thứ tự,.. định sẵn)

General release – Chiếu ở mọi nơi và có thể mua đĩa.

usher – nhân viên chỉ chổ ngồi cho bạn.

Director – somebody who tells the actors and technical staff what to do while making a film.

opening scene: Phần mở đầu của film.

Called off: to decide that a planned event will not happen:
Ex: They’ve called the zoom meeting off.
Ex: They’ve called off the zoom meeting.
However, separable phrasal verbs must be separated when you use a pronoun.
Ex: The meeting? They’ve called it off.
Note: Các bạn không được để “ They’ve called off it “ nhé!

Cast somebody/Something (+aside/away/off): Get rid of (loại bỏ) or don’t pay any attention.
Ex: Kelvin cast aside boxes full of his bad memories.
Ex: Kelvin just cast those boxes off his room

Dedicate sth to SB: Cống hiến cái gì cho ai đó
Ex: She dedicated all her youth to him, but he’s gone now. 🙁

Clown around: Làm trò hề
Ex: Stop clowning around and start learning!

Cut down ( on something ): giảm bớt
Ex: The electric bill is high this month. I need to cut down on using AC.

Cut someone down: to ki.ll someone (chủ yếu là dùng g.u.n) ( Nghĩa 1)
Ex: He was cut down by cancer at an early age.
Ý nghĩa 2: Cut (someone) down = hạ nhục, to make someone feel small or ashamed
Ex: I hate people who only know how to cut people down. They are so messed up!

Alrightttt! HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT ❤ 🔥🔥🔥.

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