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Dắt túi thêm những từ vựng tiếng Anh hay theo chủ đề Công Nghệ – Technology các bạn nhứ.

Từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề Công Nghệ

Computer age: the period in modern history characterized by rapid technology development and widespread computer use.

Ex: Living in a computer age has many benefits.

Computer buff: a user who is good at working with a computer.

Ex: Mike is a computer buff. He got an A+ on his programming exam.

Computer fatigue: a syndrome of tiredness resulting from long computer usage.

Ex: About 60% of IT specialists are affected by computer fatigue.

Cutting-edge: something innovational and leading.

Ex: Cutting-edge technology.

Desktop PC: a personal computer that remains on a desk.

Ex: I have an old desktop PC that I use for surfing the net when I’m home.

Gadget: an advanced piece of technology, like a smartphone.

Ex: Nowadays almost everybody owns a gadget.

Geek: someone who is obsessed with technology, especially computers.

Ex: My friend is a real geek. He owns a bunch of computers and other gadgets.

Operating system: the most important program that runs the computer.

Ex: I chose to buy a laptop which is based on the Windows operating system.

To boot up: to start a computer.

Ex: I booted up my computer as soon as I got home.

To crash: to suddenly stop working.

Ex: My computer crashed when I was writing my essay.

To go online: to use the Internet.

Ex: Millions of people go online every day.

To navigate a website: to find what you need on the website.

To surf the web: to look through websites, searching for something you need, or simply for entertainment.

Wi-Fi hotspots: a public place where you can access the Internet.

Ex: Our university has a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is very convenient.

Wireless network: a network where users can access the Internet without using any cables.

Ex: We have installed a wireless network at home.

Have a productive day guys xD !!

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