Từ vựng IELTS 10 chủ đề hay gặp nhất


Tổng hợp những từ vựng IELTS hay theo chủ đề, các bạn cùng tham khảo nhé.

Từ vựng topic PEOPLE

Click with someone: quickly become friends with them
Later on: sau này
Spontaneous (adj): (theo cách) tự nhiên
Eager to do Sth / Eager for Sth: háo hức …..–> eagerly (adv)
(unable to) put myself in other people’s shoes: (không) đặt mình vào vị trí của người khác
à Put yourself in my shoes: đặt bạn vào vị trí của tôi
Tobe + better off (+ Ving): tốt hơn (to be in a better situation, if or after something happens)
Ex: I know you’re unhappy that the relationship ended, but you’re better off without him.
Ex: People and everything are far better off than they were ten years ago.
Fit the mold of (v): giống other people/thing of the same type
-> I don’t fit the mold of a typical English teacher.
Entitled to: được quyền
Ex: Students and pensioners are entitled to a discount.
Everyone should be entitled to a decent standard of living.
heyday: thời hoàng kim/ thời thanh xuân
→ in my heyday, in the heyday of youth


grow apart (v): trở nên xa cách
Something/ life is not a bed of roses: Cái gì/ cuộc sống ko phải con đường trải đầy hoa hồng
neglectful (adj): bỏ bê, bỏ quên
make up (v): làm hòa
cut it: là xong!
→ Studying only 30 minutes for the final exam just won’t cut it. You’ll fail the test for sure if you don’t study more.
be in the doghouse: bị giận
wring my neck: bẻ cổ
dead meat: chết chắc! → I’m dead meat.
face the music (v): chấp nhận hình phạt


Humpback whale: cá voi lưng gù
An earworm: a song that you keep hearing in your head
Tranquil (adj): calm and peaceful and without noise, violence, worry
vital (adj): cần cho sự sống
→ vital nutrients, proteins, enzyme
lush (adj): tươi tốt, sum sê
vegetation: thảm thực vật
reproduction: sinh sản
hibernation: ngủ đông
coral reef: rặng san hô


Shutterbug (n): là người rất thích chụp ảnh mà chụp nghiệp dư
Depict = describe
Blend: pha trộn
Ex: It perfectly blended her red dress and yellow hat with the station’s red and white colour.
Glimpse: thoáng qua
Ex: I glimpsed her walking back from town.
Snapshot (n) = a photograph


knack (noun): sở trường (+ for doing sth)

  • My mother has a real knack for saving money on her low salary.
    butter me up: nịnh nọt


commute (verb): đi đều đặn (mỗi ngày)

  • I commute by bus everyday.
    land (verb): find
  • I need to land a good job where I can earn a lot of money.
    boosted my motivation to continue my work
    determine to: quyết tâm làm gì
    draw up plan/schedule/list of
    Come up with idea/plan/solution/name
    Grant = scholarship = allowance
    Lift my profile
    bread and butter: công việc mang lại thu nhập ổn định
    → I do a lot of work in Telegram groups of cryptocurrency, but office work is my bread and butter.
    ace (v): do very well on a test
    → aced the test, aced the chemistry final.
    ace (adj) = excellent
    → He’s an ace basketball player.


by hook or by crook = at any price
→ He wanted success at any price.
→ I will get that job by hook or by crook.
No sweat: no problem
→ I’ll get a perfect score on the chemistry test. No sweat.


put a break on: to slow down or stop an activity
Ex: I started to put a break on my eating habit by giving up on carbohydrates and meat, only eat fruits, grains and vegetables.
measure: biện pháp → complementary measure
hard-wired = automatically think
advocate = suggest idea


Suite: dãy phòng
Storey: tầng
Pillar: cột trụ/ trụ cột
→ My father is a pillar of my family.


What’s eating you? = What’s bothering or making you angry?
Hey, what’s eating you? You look so upset, you didn’t say a word during dinner.
blunt (adj): ko giữ ý tứ, thẳng thừng
at the end of my rope: hết sức chịu đựng
→ To be honest, I’m at the end of my rope.
blow up (v): to get angry suddenly
→ My dad blew up when he found out I failed two classes.
trip up: gây ra lỗi
→ I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to trip you up.
→ The first question on the test tripped me up, and I lost my concentration on the rest of the test.


fatso (n): chú béo/ cô béo
→ You used to call me fatso all the time when I was little.
eat smaller portions
load up your plate with seconds and thirds: ăn nhiều, bới thêm 2,3 chén cơm
→ I can’t load up your plate with seconds and thirds like I always used to do at the family parties.
high-calorie stuff like ice cream and chocolate
→ do not eat high-calorie stuff at night, your body isn’t active to burn it off, so you just store those calories as fat.
put a break on: to slow down or stop an activity
Ex: I started to put a break on my eating habit by giving up on carbohydrates and meat, only eat fruits, grains and vegetables.
cut out the fast food
cut way back on sugar
sugary drinks: Coke, Chocolate milk, Soda, etc.
tooth decay: sâu răng
→ Eating too many sweets and not brushing your teeth will cause tooth decay.

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