Bài mẫu Speaking Part 2 Describe your most favorite subject


Hôm nay, ad cùng các bạn tham khảo từ vựng và bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 để cùng áp dụng cho bài thi của mình nhé.

Bài mẫu Speaking Part 2 Describe your most favorite subject

Describe your most favorite subject. (Mô tả môn học bạn yêu thích nhất)

Với đề bài này, chúng ta cùng tham khảo bài band 8 nhé. Bài này áp dụng công thức A.R.E.A triển khai ý với đầy đủ câu trả lời, giải thích lý do, nêu ví dụ và mở rộng thông tin.

(Answer) Well, the subject that is my all-time favorite is “Culture of countries in ASEAN”, which was taught since I was a sophomore in university.
(Reason) Although it was just an elective subject, I was really into studying it since I could have deeper insight into ASEAN countries’ cultures and be immersed in their vivid civilization. (Example) In class, we discussed history, religion, tradition and lifestyle of people in these countries. We also had a lot of group work and presentations to make this subject much more interesting to learn. We also used to read a lot of books related to ASEAN countries’ cultures. Doing research into culture has always intrigued me as I have been a keen learner of culture.
Additionally, we were taught by dedicated teachers who helped us understand the lesson quickly. Till now, I have still felt grateful for the lecturers who were so passionate with the lessons. This subject has brought me a feeling of satisfaction, which I could hardly see in other subjects.
To sum up, it has been a useful subject as thanks to this, I find that I can broaden my common knowledge and have more confidence when I have the chance to go to the countries in South East Asia

Một số từ vựng hay:

Sophomore (n): Sinh viên năm 2
Elective subject (n): Môn tự chọn
Have deeper insight into (St) (v): Hiểu thêm về
Presentations (n): Bài thuyết trình
Doing research into (St) (v): Nghiên cứu về cái gì
Keen learner (n): Người học tích cực
Dedicated teachers (n): Giảng viên tận tâm
Broaden my common knowledge (v): Mở rộng kiến thức thông thường

Các bạn cùng tham khảo từ vựng và bài mẫu này áp dụng trả lời nào.

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